Werkraumhaus in the Bregenzerwald – a stage for artistry and craftsmanship

Architectural aesthetic and the innovative culture of handcrafts

Reliability, solid workmanship, and elegant design – with these features, craftsmanship in the Bregenzerwald has made a name for itself. Trades and crafts are the biggest employer here. Almost 40% of all those in the craftsman's trade find employment in this region. Such a high density of handcraft businesses is unique throughout Europe. Here, you will find handcrafts everywhere whether in small, sophisticated businesses or large businesses that deliver internationally. 

Well-crafted houses exist in the Bregenzerwald, in Berlin, in New York, and everywhere where the beauty and form of craftsmanship is valued.  However, the exceptional handcrafted quality in the Bregenzerwald has brought craftsmanship in this region international recognition.  

Since its establishment in 1999, Werkraum Bregenzerwald has been a stage for innovative handcrafts.

The originally regional initiative is recognized internationally today. Currently, the Werkraum consists of 94 members representing different crafts and trades primarily from woodworking businesses such as carpenters, but metalworkers, stone masons, brick masons, installers, electricians, painters, lighting manufacturers, upholsterers, tailors, shoemakers and coopers are also included.

Internationally renowned Swiss architect Peter Zumthor is closely associated with handcrafts. He has accordingly created a striking symbol for the culture of handcrafts with the architecture of the Werkraumhaus in Andelsbuch. It was built exclusively by Werkraum craftsmen. Opened in July 2013, it is now a meeting place and a stage for handcrafts. The open, flexible, hall-like exhibition space of 700m2 offers plenty of room for exhibits and events.

Opening times
Tuesday to Friday 10 am – 6 pm and Saturday 10 am - 4 pm (Sunday, Monday and high days closed)
Tours upon request
Groups (15 or more people): € 12.00 per person (including admission)

Werkraumhaus Bregenzerwald
Hof 800, 6866 Andelsbuch
+43 5512 26386

Admission prices
Single admission: € 7,50
Discount (students, teachers, groups of 15 or more): € 5.00
Children and youth up to 16 yrs. old: free admission

Handwerk+Form is a competition, in which every three years craftsman from the Bregenzerwald participate together with designers from home and abroad. Since 1991, this competition, initiated by Werkraum Bregenzerwald and the Andelsbuch Craft and Trade Association, has combined the knowledge of craftsmanship with the aesthetic designs of architects and designers and gives innovative impetus to building culture and interior decor design. This then gives rise to inspiring objects and furnishings as well as detailed solutions for buildings and houses. 

A competent, international expert jury evaluates and awards the submissions based on the principles of material, form, and function in a context suited for everyday use. All submissions are on display in various locations throughout the village of Andelsbuch, for example in abandoned sawmills and barns, bakeries and blacksmith's shops, and in the ambiance of old workshops. The public presentation of all submissions garners great attention both in the general population and in the specialized press. Since 2013, awarded items from this competition purchased by the Vorarlberg Museum can be seen in the showroom of the Werkraumhaus.

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