Dealing with Grazing Animals

Tips for safely dealing with grazing animals

Encountering free-range cattle, sheep, goats, and horses on an excursion or observing them on the other side of a fence along a trail is a wonderful experience for the whole family.

Living together in herds and grazing in the pastures allow our livestock to practice their natural instincts and live an animal-friendly life. They are always very alert and vigilant, for example to protect their young from dangers. In order to avoid any misunderstandings between people and herd animals, there are some rules that should be followed.

10 rules of conduct for dealing with grazing animals

1. Avoid contact with grazing animals, do not feed animals, and keep a safe distance!

2. Stay calm and quiet, do not startle grazing cattle!

3. Mother cows instinctively protect their young. Therefore keep dogs away from cows at all times!

4. Always keep dogs under control and on a short leash. If you think you are going to be attacked by a grazing animal, let go of the leash immediately!

5. Do not leave hiking paths in meadows and pastures!

6. If grazing cattle block the path, go around them leaving as much space as possible!

7. If grazing animals approach you: stay calm, do not turn your back to them, and move out of the way of the animals!

8. Leave the pasture quickly as soon as you see early signs that the grazing animals are becoming nervous or restless!

9. Do not climb over fences! If there is a gate, use it. Make sure you then close it properly behind you and cross the pasture quickly!

10. Treat workers, nature, and animals with respect!

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