A summer dream for family holidays

Variety is the name of the game

Schwarzenberg loves children, and children love Schwarzenberg. It is a paradise here, a bit like life on a pony farm. It is also a world of adventure like life with Pippi Longstocking. The roads are clear, and there are hardly any cars. There is plenty of nature, and the little ones as well as the bigger ones can experience it up-close. These are holidays on the farm without any artificial staging. It is natural here. The farms and the animals are a part of Schwarzenberg as are the lush meadows and lofty mountain peaks. Ponies, calves, goats: they are at home here too. The only mini pony, Sissi, marches to the beat of her own drummer. She is probably the most pampered and well-groomed pony in the world, because all the kids want to comb her. 

Apart from all this, there is much to be done in beautiful Schwarzenberg. Dams must be built, and a campfire is needed for grilling.

Or you can let a ladybug climb up and down your finger until it flies away. There are exciting days to look forward to here in Schwarzenberg. It's no wonder that at night, you can fall asleep before your head even hits the soft, fluffy pillow…

If you want to know exactly what's going on at the farm, you should definitely experience "NATURHAUTNAH". Everything about farming is made accessible: from impressive cow enclosures, the goat house with viewers' gallery, small animal petting area, herb garden, and high-tech heating & cooling system to cheese production, whey-based cosmetics production, and the farm shop...

Only with advance registration with Metzler Käse Molke GmbH in Egg Tel.: +43 5512 3044,

Fohramoos, Foto: Gabi Metzler Photography
Campfire at Bregenzerach, Foto: Gabi Metzler Photography
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