Schwarzenberg climbing gardens

Schwarzenberg climbing gardens

The outdoor climbing area is located by the sports field directly near the Bregenzerach and the old bridge. Awaiting you in the climbing garden are around 20 routes with difficulty levels from 3+ to 7. The Schwarzenberg climbing garden is especially popular due to its easy accessibility and excellent safety measures. Since it faces the southeast, you can enjoy the sun throughout the entire day. You will be well-equipped with climbing harness, helmet, climbing boots, a rope of at least 60 m, belay device, and quickdraws.

The via ferrata climb is located on the left edge of the climbing garden next to the old bridge. With difficulty levels from C to D, this short climb is perfect for practicing. Your equipment should include a climbing harness, via ferrata set, helmet, sturdy shoes, and possibly gloves. 

Climbing in Schwarzenberg's climbing area is free. The climbing garden as well as the via ferrata climb can be used with only a helmet and at your own risk. Topographical maps for routes, climbing equipment, as well as a climbing guide for the Bregenzerwald and Vorarlberg are available at Berg Fink in Schwarzenberg:

The high ropes garden in the "Achschlucht" gorge under the old bridge on the Bregenzerache offers 3 different tours. Closed-toe shoes are required. The rest of the equipment will be provided.

Prices, registration, and information at: 


On the access road to the climbing area, there is danger of falling rocks. The road is official closed and designated as "alpine terrain". Use at your own risk. Parents are responsible for their children.

In addition, the old bridge on the Bregenzerach in the direction of Bersbuch is closed to any traffic (cars, cyclists, pedestrians) until further notice due to longitudinal cracks in the brickwork! The property owners do not assume any liability! 

Aqua high ropes garden

With this sample tour, you can conquer a canyon with rope ladders, suspension bridges, etc.! Children 10 and older can participate in the tour from It starts at the climbing garden in Schwarzenberg.

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