Baroque Church & Chapels

Church architecture in Schwarzenberg

Baroque parish church and numerous chapels

If you believe the stories that have been passed down, the first church was built over the grave of St. Ilga. With the disastrous fire of 1755, it burnt to the ground. The reconstruction took place one year later. During reconstruction, the top floor was built on the old walls, and the ruins of the tower were restored. Since then, the church has been a shining example of late Baroque style and is one of the most beautiful Baroque structures in the state.

The Schwarzenberg church is also a frequently visited art institution, especially since it is home to works of art by Johann Joseph Kauffmann and his daughter Angelika Kauffmann. The Stations of the Cross paintings and the main paintings on the side altars were created by Joseph. At the age of 16, Angelika created the apostle medallions in a fresco technique. She dedicated the final years of her life to the high altar painting. It depicts the coronation of the Virgin by the Holy Trinity. This painting is Angelika Kauffmann's most important religious work.

St. Anne's Chapel / district of Stangenach

The most significant chapel in the community was founded in 1689 based on a donation by the host of Gasthof Hirschen, Alois Braun, and his wife Anna Hiller. Following objections by parish priests Felder and Metzler, the church was first consecrated in 1717. In 1751, the building was replaced by a larger one. The chapel houses valuable statues and paintings. 

St. Theresa's Chapel / district of Ratzen

On the occasion of the cattle plague, the chapel was built in 1932 with a narthex under a hipped roof with a ridge turret and bells. This atmospheric wooden building is dedicated to St. Theresa of the Child Jesus and is located in the district of "Enethalb".

St. Ilga's Chapel / district of Halde

An hour's walk from the parish church near the Halde pasture is a chapel dedicated to St. Ilga. It was built in 1910 in the place of a previous building. Around 50 m into the forest, the famous Ilga spring bubbles up to the surface. 

According to legend, the three blessed siblings Merbod, Diedo, and Ilga descended from the counts of Bregenz of the 11th century. The siblings devoted their lives to prayer. Ilga said goodbye to her brothers one last time on the Lorena pass, and they wept. As soon as their tears hit the ground, a spring arose in that very spot. Another spring appeared on the Berghalde, where Ilga had spilled water at her hermitage. To this day, the water of these springs is considered to have healing powers. It is said that the water clears sight, which is why those with diseases of the eye go on pilgrimages to the springs to wet their eyes with this curative water.

St. Mary's Chapel on the Bödele / district of Bödele

Otto Hämmerle had this chapel built in 1905/1906. Designed by a Nordic painter, its style is reminiscent of a Scandinavian village church. The chapel was intended as a place where the Hämmerle family and hotel guests as well as shepherds in the pastures and hikers could enjoy Sunday service. Quite often, the church is chosen as a wedding chapel.

Other chapels in Schwarzenberg


  • Fatima Chapel / district of Au
  • Maien Chapel / district of Maien
  • Lourdes Chapel / district of Maltach
  • Lourdes Chapel / district of Schwarzen


  • St. Mary's Chapel / district of Weißtanne (Bödele)
  • St. Benedict's Chapel (Niederälpele)
  • Chapel in Bürgerheim
  • Chapel in Hintereixer

In the Schwarzenberg region, there are many other wayside shrines and crosses to be admired. Some are along frequently visited paths, and others are not very well known or rarely noticed due to their simple design or location off the beaten path. Some of these wayside crosses or shrines were dedicated as monuments or memorials. 

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