Bregenzerwald Excursions

Excursion destinations in the Bregenzerwald

Werkraumhaus + Handcrafts

The Werkraumhaus in Andelsbuch gives deep insight into the fascinating world of Bregenzerwald craftsmanship. Numerous exhibits and collections present knowledge and skills accumulated over generations. 

Opening times: Tue – Fri 10 am - 6 pm and Sat 10 am - 4 pm

The historic "Wälderbähnle"

Via a hiking path from the center of Schwarzenberg, you will come directly to the old Schwarzenberg train station in today's village of Bersbuch. From Bersbuch, you can ride the historic steam or diesel locomotive to Bezau. After a brief stay, you will return.

Farm experience

The project NATURHAUTNAH allows visitors to experience up-close the world of farming and everything that comes with it. You can gain insight into energy efficient and sustainable agricultural processes. From cow enclosures, goat house with visitors' gallery, small animal petting zone, herb garden, and high-tech cooling & heating system to cheese production, whey-based cosmetics production, and the farm shop - a visit to the Metzler family's farm is an impressive experience!  

Only possible with advance registration - Metzler Käse Molke GmbH in Egg
Tel. +43 5512 3044

Schönenbach with Jagdgasthaus Egender

Located around 15 km from Schwarzenberg, it is only a stone's throw away by car. You can drive to Schönenbach on a small toll road. A high valley at the end of the road presents an absolutely breathtaking view: in front of you nestled in the wonderful natural scenery of the alpine pasture settlement of Schönenbach are ca. 30 huts at an elevation of almost 1,000 m. Here, there are no fences and no boundaries. In the early summer and in autumn, cows run around freely. It is their summer retreat in the pastures. In the middle of this indescribable idyll is a new house made of old materials that is as authentic and traditional as possible - Jagdgasthaus Egender. It is said they serve the best cheese spätzle in the world here. Whether this is true or not, no one can really say, but everyone who has eaten them swears that they are the best. If you are a fan of venison, we recommend the wild game specialties. Everything that is served here comes from the huge Schönenbach hunting area. 

Bregenzerwälder Käsehaus in Andelsbuch

It is an Eldorado for cheese fans and those who want to become one! The selection of 60 different kinds of hard cheese, semi-hard cheese, cream cheese, and soft cheese leaves nothing to be desired.

Canoe tour and canyoning in the Bregenzerwald

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