Excursions on the Bödele in Schwarzenberg

Excursion destinations on the Bödele

Moorland lake on the Bödele, Foto: Gabi Metzler Photography

Moorland lake on the Bödele

On the pass between Schwarzenberg and Dornbirn is an exceptional natural spectacle. It is a creation of the Ice Age: the moorland lake on the Bödele. With its healthy moorland water, it is a special swimming spot recommended for hard-core nature lovers. As an excursion destination, it offers a true natural treasure for the whole family. On a short loop trail around the 50 x 50 m lake, you will see rare animal species such as dragonflies, toads, and moths, which have specially adapted to the marshy habitat. This loop trail is easily accessible with a children's stroller.

Geocaching on the Bödele

Do you know about this special kind of scavenger hunt? The hiding places, also called geocaches, are published on the Internet with geographical coordinates and can then be searched for with the help of a GPS device. You can set out on your own search on the Bödele…

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