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Hikes in Schwarzenberg and the surroundings

Hiking in Schwarzenberg © Johannes Fink

From short walks with children's strollers to full-day hikes past high moorland forests, pastures, and protected alpine flowers such as the marsh gentian – hiking in Schwarzenberg is a diverse and multifaceted nature experience.

You will find around 40 km of signposted hiking paths in the area from the Bregenzerache at an elevation of ca. 500 m to the summit of the Hochälpele at an elevation of 1,464 m.

Here are some especially good hiking tips:

Werkraumhaus – short hike

Werkraumhaus ©Peter Loewy

The destination of this easy hike is the Werkraumhaus designed by renowned Swiss architect Peter Zumthor, where items handcrafted in the Bregenzerwald are on display.

The simple and mostly paved hiking path starts in Schwarzenberg's village square. It leads through the hamlets of Egg, Rain, and Au, which will provide you with your first insight into the art of Bregenzerwald craftsmanship with their traditional houses. After the hamlet of Au, you will pass the small wooden bridge to the reservoir. The path runs along the reservoir towards Wirth/Ruhmannen. It ends in the town center of Andelsbuch, where the Werkraumhaus is located.

Time-on-trail: ca. 2.5 hrs., to and from


Hut hike

Hiking at Klausberg, Foto: Gabi Metzler Photography

From the year-round inhabited hamlets, you will hike to hill farms and huts inhabited and staffed only in summer. This hike will delight you with its incomparable and unforgettable views: you will get a glimpse of the wonderful panorama in the direction of the Hangspitze and Lake Constance.

Time-on-trail: ca. 3 hrs., round-trip


Fohramoos loop trail - Natura2000 area

Fohramoos, Foto: Gabi Metzler Photography

Fohramoos is one of the most beautiful places in Schwarzenberg. This nature reserve is a structure consisting of vast, intact high moorlands and moorland forests. The unspoiled landscape is home to many plant species that are considered endangered. Specific species of butterflies, dragonflies, toads, locusts, and certain birds have adapted so perfectly to this habitat that they hardly exist anywhere else. If you have ever wanted to know what it feels like to walk barefoot through a moor, this is an excellent opportunity. The starting point of this beautiful loop trail is Berghof Fetz.

Ca. 1 hr., loop trail

Many butterflies, dragonflies, locusts, birds, and other animal species are specific to this particular habitat and can't be found hardly anywhere else.


Paths to water - Kneipp water treading facility

Kneipp facility Andelsbuch ©Andelsbuch Tourismus

Kneipp is the most natural form of wellness, almost an "ancient, primordial wellness" to some extent. It promotes blood circulation, activates and strengthens the immune system, and harmonizes the autonomic nervous system. At the same time, it has a balancing effect on respiration, heartbeat, circulation, blood pressure, metabolism, digestion, etc. According to Kneipp's teachings, icy cold, pure spring water reawakens life's vital spirits.

This hike leads from the town center past the town hall through the hamlets of Rain and Au to the Andelsbuch reservoir. Here, the path leads up to the power station and continues to the main road. Follow the bike path to the sports field. Behind it is the Kneipp facility.

Ca. 2 hr.

>>details, from Andelsbuch centre

The Travertine nature trail

The Travertine Trail, structured as an uphill climb, presents one of the most remarkable geological calcareous sinter formations in Vorarlberg. Water flows over the rocks of the gorge thus forming canopies and curtains out of yellow tuff. Info boards describe the geology and vegetation of this natural spectacle.

The hiking path begins at the parking lot of "Vitalhotel Quellengarten" in Lingenau and leads to St Anna's chapel. After crossing the street the trail leads via signposts through the field. The following is a descending asphalt road to the confluence into the Travertine nature trail. The Travertine nature trail leads through a steep area and via walkways and stairs back to a big meadow. You return to St Anna's chapel by walking past a large farm.

Ca. 1.5 hr. , round-trip


Kanisfluh - the panoramic mountain in the Bregenzerwald

Welcome to ibex territory! It is only 12 min. by car from Schwarzenberg to Mellau. The lift will take you up to the summit station, from where a 2.5-hour hike will take you to the summit cross of the Kanisfluh. It is considered one of the most beautiful panoramic mountains in the Bregenzerwald. A hike on the Kanisfluh should definitely be a part of every vacation in the Bregenzerwald. The sunrises here are exceptionally impressive! We especially recommend a stop for refreshments at the Edelweißhütte with sensational views, spectacular Kaiserschmarrn pancakes, and really great hosts!


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